My friend is visiting her family in Toulouse and she is sending me photos of her meals at home. Her mother is an amazing cook, as is my friend; and today her mother greeted her with Cassoulet, one of my favorite dishes. One thing I noticed and I liked is that her mother serves this bean delicacy with boiled white potatoes; and the combination made me want to cook. Unbeknown to my friend; I rushed to my pantry, and the market to purchase ingredients for Cassoulet.

I did not find rabbit which I wanted to use, even though my friend says rabbit does not belong, but in a creative mood, I simply bought organic chicken legs. I had Pancetta at home, onions and wine. I had to buy beans. I am not good at cooking beans, they always fall apart on me; and now that we can get organic beans at whole foods, I decided to use them; and I do regularly.

These are my ingredients

I used

Set oven to 350
1 sweet onion
8 oz. pancetta
64 oz chicken broth
8 cans of organic cannellini beans; undrained
1 bunch of parsley
salt and pepper to taste; add only at the end because pancetta is salty
1 tbs sugar
half bottle of white wine; your preference

I saute the pancetta until golden, take it out and start setting aside all the cooked parts. 

I do the same with the onions until they caramelize.

I put salt and pepper on the chicken, and proceed to coat it with organic flour to maintain organic integrity; it can be done. I then saute them until golden brown and set them aside as well.

after I am done preparing all the independent items, I add the white wine to the pan to gather all the juices and flavors left by all the pre-cooked ingredients. I also add chicken broth; and bring these to a boil.

I wait until the wine has cooked off the alcohol, before I add the broth; once this happens, I proceed to put the cassoulet together.

I add the bean and parsley; the pancetta, and onions and bring all ingredients to a boil; then add the chicken. I put the pan uncovered in the hot oven and proceed to cook for forty minutes. 

take it out of the oven and let it sit for twenty minutes until all flavors settle together; 

I boiled ten white potatoes separately, with sprigs of parsley; and then add them to the cassoulet as soon as it comes out of the oven.

The result of my cassoulet was delicious; I shared it with family and friends, inspired by my friend in Toulouse and her family. Bon Appetit.