Dragées are part of every celebration in France. It is customary to send a gift of Dragées to those close friends or family unable to attend a wedding or christening. Favors adorn each table setting or are passed in baskets by the bridesmaids. They are even showered on the new couple...

Dragées Pécou has been refining the art of making Dragées and has maintained the highest quality standard since 1880. They are the choice supplier of Dragées in France. Dragées Pécou has created delicious chocolate candies with a lustrous finish. Chocofeuilletés have a flaky praliné center covered in chocolate. They are available in green and black (olive look-a-like) or in dark, milk and white chocolate. Chocofruity consists of a fruit pulp center covered in chocolate with a multicolored outer glaze. Chocoviennoises are chocolate covered almonds with sugar glaze in pastel colors. 

Dragées are categorized by the variety of almond, all have a thin even sugar coating(made with cane sugar and Bourbon vanilla only). Euro For the connoisseurs, only the Avolas will do. The large flat almond has incomparable flavor yet no bitterness. It is coated with the thinnest layer of sugar. No need to wait for family celebrations: a dish of Avolas on one's desk is a feast. 

Pécou also makes almond shape Dragées with all chocolate interior (70% cocoa Callebaut). Pistachios Dragées are plump tender pistachio nuts covered with a thin sugar coat of pale green. Celeri beads are widely used in cake decorating. Latest creation is the River Stones, shiny like wet rocks and with interiors of quality fruits, marzipan, almond or chocolate.

632 Avola-extra Dragees white, approx. 340 PCS 1 KG 2.2 LBS
585 Yellow-Matte Dragees, approx. 300 PCS 1 KG/2.2 LBS
629 White-matte Dragees, approx. 300 PCS 1 KG/2.2 LBS
631 Apricot-Matte Dragees, approx. 300 PCS 1 KG 2.2 LBS
633 Blue-Matte Dragees, approx. 300 PCS 1 KG 2.2 LBS
634 Pink-Matte Dragees, approx. 300 PCS 1 KG/2.2 LBS 
635 Green-Matte Dragees, approx. 300 PCS 1 KG/2.2 LBS 

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