I was happy to find out DB Bistro opened on time to celebrate Valentine’s Day. They offered an $85 prefix of four courses worthy of praise.

The quality of ingredients and the execution of recipes makes each dish an experience to remember. Service was prompt and our request for additional condiments was met without delay. The environment was open and noise was low, there were no distractions from our food experience. The manager visited our table and spent a few minutes introducing himself and sharing information about their Mediterranean focus.

Their olive oil is imported from a small production in Italy, and their risotto made from Carnaroli rice, a favorite of Italian chefs.

The Burratta served with artichokes and truffle oil was different experience, lighter and subtle in the palate.

The carrot veloute was delicious, and the lobster risotto light.

Veal cheek and beef tenderloin were cooked perfectly and served with a velvety demiglaze. Bronzino was deboned and moist.

Desserts were special, the cannoli unusual, and the grapefruit dessert surprisingly delicious, filled with sweetness and bites of frozen fruit.